Thursday, October 22, 2020


About Sea Air Road Express


Having spent 30 years in the freight logistics business

Darren Cheney and Greg Chiminello recognised a niche in the import business. Many who have reached a certain stage in their lives, where they take the time to enjoy some of the fruits of their labour, find that the subject of their passion is some sort of motor vehicle, boat, bike, machinery or parts they have sourced overseas.

After searching and searching for that special purchase, their next question is.

“How do I get it back safely, can I get it inspected, and shipped undamaged at a preset reasonable price, without any hassles with Customs?

Darren and Greg’s company Sea Air Road Express is the answer to that question.

Passionate Muscle car, motorcycle, and boat enthusiasts, over the past 4 decades, Darren and Greg have regularly brought in from all around the world some of the rarest and nicest ‘Toys’ to admire. As word spread, Darren and Greg’s mates, asked them to bring in something for them and it wasn’t long before Darren and Greg were bringing in container loads filled with many prize purchases such as Harley-Davidsons, Vintage Motorcycles, Muscle Cars, Rare Spare Parts, boats anything you can think of !

With their managerial experience in Import / Export Air & Sea Freight Operations, International domestic and Interstate Road line haul and Rail movements including dangerous goods, Darren and Greg’s combined 60 Years plus in the business puts them in good stead to bring in your prized purchase with care and professionalism.

A message from the Founders, Darren Cheney and Greg Chiminello,

We have been in this business more than ½ our lives. For 30 years we have worked with Shipping Companies, Freight Forwarders and Customs, here and all around the world. We know the pitfalls. We know what has to be done and why, and who to talk to when any issues comes up. We have people in key ports around the world that 'get it done' and look after our cargo, ensuring what you ask us to bring in, arrives untouched in exactly the same condition it left. If you are looking for an importer with a high care factor and the experience to back it up, you’ve found us.

You find it and we’ll bring it in for you.


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